Better Web Surfing – 7 Alternative Web Browsers for Android

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The stock Android browser isn’t bad, but it could definitely be better. It’s lacking in features that some alternative web browsers for Android could make up for. Here are some of the best alternative options when it comes to browsers for your Android phone:

1. Firefox

One of the best things about the Firefox browser for Android is that it supports mobile versions of popular desktop extension and add-ons. You can also synch up your bookmarks and tabs from a desktop version of Firefox, though this take a while to set up. One other good thing about Firefox is the general user interface, which is very sleek and usable, and which maximizes vertical space on your phone’s screen. Also, the tab interface is nice, and multitouch zooming works well. The biggest problem with Firefox for Android, though, is that it’s not compatible with Flash, and its load times are slightly slower than those of the stock browser when you’re dealing with really script-heavy pages.

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Mozilla to Launch Firefox 4 Final

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The final Firefox 4 will be launched around this month and it will be the final launch. The company states that they’ve fixed the bugs issues since the beta version was released and the browser now doesn’t have any issues at all. However, they still expect reviews and feedback from users. Everyone using Firefox 4 knows that they’ll be upgraded into RC automatically; that’s why Mozilla hopes that the users will help them in improving the browser’s performance and quality.

Firefox 4 will come with JetPack feature, which is designed to quicken JavaScript performance and interface. It also provides better support for HTML5 feature that would support video format. The new Firefox 4 is also available for upgrades, especially for the add-ons. Add-ons are another unique characteristic of the browser, making it different from any browser. Mozilla is said to have prepared about 70% of new add-ons for the new browser.

The Firefox 4 release candidate is now live and can be downloaded from Mozilla page.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 4.0 Beta 10

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Mozilla is coming out with the new Firefox 4.0 Beta 10, to improve usage feature and browsing experience. The new version will certainly develop the graphic use so that the users have stable connection and performance in using Adobe Flash for Mac operating system X. The 4.0 version has been around since early July, but there’s going to be another beta launch next week or early in February. The February launch is expected to happen smoothly and bug free. The Firefox 4.0 will come with brighter look and color, acceleration for GPU hardware, JavaScript engine of JagerMonkey, WebM support, a new system manager for Add-On feature, the ability to do Firefox Sync feature, and multi touch support. The management Add-On system will allow users or application creators to crate or update their application without having to restart the browser, so user are able to continue their previous activities without being afraid that it will jeopardize another system and their internet connection.