Mozilla Releases Firefox 4.0 Beta 10

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Mozilla is coming out with the new Firefox 4.0 Beta 10, to improve usage feature and browsing experience. The new version will certainly develop the graphic use so that the users have stable connection and performance in using Adobe Flash for Mac operating system X. The 4.0 version has been around since early July, but there’s going to be another beta launch next week or early in February. The February launch is expected to happen smoothly and bug free. The Firefox 4.0 will come with brighter look and color, acceleration for GPU hardware, JavaScript engine of JagerMonkey, WebM support, a new system manager for Add-On feature, the ability to do Firefox Sync feature, and multi touch support. The management Add-On system will allow users or application creators to crate or update their application without having to restart the browser, so user are able to continue their previous activities without being afraid that it will jeopardize another system and their internet connection.