Crash Course Understanding Smartphone Features

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Admit it; you read a review for a new smart phone that boasts about it 8 pixels, iOS connections, new speed of 4G; and you are completely clueless if those are good things; more importantly things you even need.  Understanding smart phone features can make a huge difference on the one you decide to buy; most smartphones start in the $100 dollar range and go up from there.

G Thing

Okay what is with the G thing?  First, there was 2G now we can anticipate 5G er, what happens after that?  G means generation and 1G was the first generation and we are now at the 4th generation; this indicate the speed for mobile internet access, wireless connections like Wi-Fi; each generation becomes faster.


This is strictly for Apple software; they have upgraded the term to iOS or internet operating systems.  It is their term for all their products and its speed; like the iOS 4G iPhone or iOS iPad but not the Mac.


Subscriber Identification Module: This is that little “smart” card that stores your user information; like the phone’s location, phone number, and contact list.  The card can be removed and placed into another one if you decide to switch phones.


Pixels are measured per inch (PPI) and a display device like your cell phone has a certain amount of pixels it can display on a limited space.  The higher the number the better the resolution; some cell phones have an 8 pixels space, that is one of the better numbers.

Applications or Apps

This is the downloadable software for your smartphone; these are designed to perform multiple tasks to simplify your usage.


Term that describes the bit rate of transmission for data signals; the 4G coincides with this, the more G the faster your broadband connection will be.


Short message service; this pertains to your text messaging on your cell phone.

Top features to look for when buying a smartphone

There are so many choices when buying a smartphone; the best approach to buying one is knowing what you will use it for most; are you going to surf the net, play games, need a business feature for it?  The one major issue with smartphones is the life of the battery; most phones will have a weak battery to keep the cost down; this should be the first query to know. The second is the RAM, or the memory base for you to run multiple apps; 512MB is the norm but this will change as newer phones emerge. Lastly, check the USB compatibility; the connection from your phone to your laptop.  It will allow you to download pictures, videos, and will charge your phone.  Most phones will come with a micro-adapter that hooks your phone to the computer.

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