5 Predictions for 5.0 Jelly Bean

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Android may have recently launched 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and though most of their users haven’t been updated to the new software just yet, rumors are already being spread about a new software in the works. Sticking with the dessert theme, 5.0 Jelly Bean has been rumored to be making an upcoming presence in the world.

Sources are speculating that devices equipped with the new Jelly Bean software will be available in the fall of 2012. Though these devices will not be available to the public until then, many are assuming that, like all previous Android software, Google will showcase this new addition to their sweet tooth family in June at the I/O Conference.

At the I/O Conference, Google usually demos its latest edition to the family. Last year, Andy Rubin demoed Ice Cream Sandwich. This year, well that’s still to be determined.

What’s in store for the 5.0 Jelly Bean? Rumors are still just rumors, and Google hasn’t yet confirmed the release of Jelly Bean. That hasn’t stopped customers and critics alike from making guesses, and we simply had to jump on the guessing bandwagon.

1. It will work for both tablets and smartphones.

Until the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, all of Android’s past software was only compatible with smartphones. This left Android tablets running on older, slower versions. Since Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is compatible with both tablets and smartphones, we’re assuming Jelly Bean will too. Why would Google take a step backwards with a new software?

2. Google will be in the running for superior tablet stakeholder.

Android has always come in a close second to Apple as the leading stakeholder in the smartphone and tablet department. Recently, though, Android dethroned Apple as the leader in smartphones, and this occurred very shortly after the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich.

We’re assuming that with the launch of Jelly Bean, Android tablets will move ahead of the iPad as the leader.

3. The Google Chrome app will be standard.

The Google Chrome app was recently released to Android devices, and we’re guessing that this app will be the standard web browser app found on all Android-based devices.

4. Files will be easier to manage.

Ice Cream Sandwich allows for better organization than previous software did, but we think that Jelly Bean will have better organizational tools as well as easier to manage and easier to perform functionalities.

5. Google will have a Google tablet.

Though Google owns Android, Google never brands devices for themselves and relies on outside manufacturers. We think that the launch of Jelly Bean will also be the launch of its very own Google tablet. There are rumors of Google opening an online store, so it makes sense that this tablet will be found on that site as well.
Those are our five predictions for the 5.0 Jelly Bean. We’ll be sure to check back in the fall to see if any of these were right.

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